Mental Training
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Aimee C. Kimball, PhD 
Mental Training and Peak Performance Consultant

What is MeNtal Training?

  • A way to develop the mental toughness needed to perform your best during a variety of practice, competition, and pressure situations
  • Learning to control your thinking and emotions so you can consistently perform to your potential


  • Ensures consistent performance
  • Enhances the quality of practice
  • Prevents performance problems
  • Improves team functioning
  • Enables athletes, performers, and businesses to reach their potential
  • Assists in injury recovery
  • Aides athletes/performers in making the transition to higher levels of competition
  • Makes training programs comprehensive (physical, nutritional, tactical, mental)

Program options

  • Team Training
  • Individual Mental Training
    • Performance enhancement
    • Stress management
    • Life skills development
    • Transitional support
  • Coach Enrichment Training
  • Mental Training for Coping with Injury
  • Leadership Training
  • Peak Performance Training for Business

 Individual Mental Training Topics

  • Achieving peak performance
  • Developing an ideal mindset and championship attitude
  • Coping with competitive pressures
  • Enhancing resiliency
  • Increasing ability to focus appropriately and to control distractions
  • Increasing confidence and motivation
  • Managing emotions in competition (anger, frustration, etc)
  • Supporting an athlete through injury and return to competition
  • Transitioning into higher levels of sport or retiring from competition

 Example Team/Small Group Presentations

  • What It Takes: Identifying the Characteristics of Success    
  • The Competitive Edge: Creating Your Peak Performance Mindset
  • Raising the Bar: Improving Individual and Group Performance
  • Developing the Midas Touch: Goal Setting for Success
  • Finding Balance: How to Manage Sport and Life Stress
  • Set Yourself on Fire: Finding Your Motivation to Succeed
  • Be Accountable: Keys to Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Potential Means You haven’t Done It Yet: Making the Most of Your Talent
  • Embrace the Challenge: Working Towards Success and Overcoming Obstacles

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